With Wild back in playoff hunt, Marc-Andre Fleury unlikely to be traded

      Frank Seravalli reports that, barring a sudden collapse from the Wild before the deadline, Fleury appears to be off the trade market.

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      After a slow start to the season, and even some more recent stretches of poor play, the Minnesota Wild looked like they might be sellers heading into the trade deadline. But after going 5-1-1 in their last seven games, they’re just two points back of the final wild card spot in the Western Conference, and now the playoffs seem to be the goal for the Wild yet again.

      With the sudden change in momentum for their season, the Wild probably won’t be looking to move any of their players at the deadline now, and as Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli reports, that includes goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, which opens up the goaltender market to other possibilities.

      Frank Seravalli: I would say it’s down to about a 10% shot that Marc-Andre Fleury moves. A big reason for that is the Wild are back in the race. They are only two points back. They are a team that I think in some ways actually has the inside track to be that 8th seed in the West and I think Fleury would love nothing more than to help that team get in. I don’t think he’s itching for a trade, I know the Wild don’t want to move him, and so unless he comes to them and says “hey we’re definitively out, I’d like to keep my playoff streak going”, I don’t think he’s going to move.

      So you’ve got three teams that are in the mix for goaltending: Colorado, New Jersey and Carolina. And look, there’s not very many goalies available that are of impact and/or substance. I think that leaves the Montreal Canadiens in a great spot with Jake Allen, who can also retain, you have him for this year and next, sub-$2 million if they retain 50%, they’ve kept their retention slot open. I’m told it’s been pretty quiet on the Allen front this week, but certainly you have to keep in mind that he’s probably pretty likely to be on the move if they can find a taker for him, because they don’t really want to carry three goalies for the last quarter of the season.

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