What happens next in the Chicago Blackhawks, Corey Perry saga

      Will Perry or the NHLPA file a grievance against the Blackhawks?

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      Tyler Yaremchuk was joined by Frank Seravalli as they discussed the potential ramifications of the Corey Perry contract termination on the latest episode of Daily Faceoff Live.

      Tyler Yaremchuk: What’s next in the Corey Perry situation, could there be push-back from the Player’s Association about this?

      Frank Seravalli: It might take longer than that. And I think that part is what is really interesting. As you mentioned, I think it’s a safe bet that nobody claims Corey Perry off waivers. But I think the fascinating fact is that Corey Perry is not suspended so the NHL apparently doesn’t believe that what he’s done has crossed a line enough to warrant a suspension. Some team would be free and clear to pick him up today and put him in their lineup. At least according to what we know.

      So that raises the question then. Pretty much for the most part over the lifetime of the sport, the NHL contracts have had ironclad guarantees and if you’re going to have a violation for off-ice conduct, where should that line be appropriately drawn? If it’s something that is out of bounds or immoral does that count as something that is across the threshold and worthy of a contract termination.

      That’s the question that a lot of people are asking themselves today, where does this go from here. The NHL Player’s Association has 60 days from the date of the termination, which would be expected to be today, to then file a grievance against the Blackhawks and the NHL for allowing this termination to go through. So they’re still reviewing the matter, they haven’t made a determination one way or the other but I think all that we’re left with from yesterday is more questions than answers.

      Tyler Yaremchuk: Do you think any teams will take a risk on Corey Perry? For example, the Oilers have done it with Zack Kassian and Evander Kane in the past.

      Frank Seravalli: Premature is the first thing I think of that it’s too early to say. I think teams around the league are wondering what actually happened here. I think there’s part of the Corey Perry camp that’s wondering what actually happened here. Is this a proper way the Blackhawks handled their business? They’re always going to err on the side of caution based on what’s happened to them previously, which is understandable. But was this termination a bridge too far? We don’t know enough details yet to answer that question.

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