The Pittsburgh Penguins are running out of time to save their season

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      It’s been an extremely frustrating season for the Pittsburgh Penguins. With a record of 24-21-8 with 56 points through 53 games, the Pens currently sit seventh in the Metropolitan Division, eight points out of the second Wild Card spot in the Eastern Conference.

      For a team that went into the 2023-24 campaign with playoff expectations, especially after they gave up a number of assets to acquire last season’s Norris Trophy winner in Erik Karlsson, fans and those who follow the team can’t help but feel like this year has been underwhelming.

      On Wednesday’s episode of Daily Faceoff LIVE, Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk discuss the race for a Wild Card spot and if the Penguins still have a shot at the post-season.

      Tyler Yaremchuk: A lot of these teams just feel so lifeless, and I guess in game No. 30 or 40, you can make the argument and say you can change the momentum and turn your season around. But now that we approach game No. 60 on the schedule, it feels like you’re running out of time.

      Frank Seravalli: That’s how I feel about Pittsburgh. If you look at a lot of the Penguins’ underlying metrics, you can make the argument that they should be winning a lot more games, and they’re just not getting the bounces. I would say that after 60 games, it’s too late to make that argument. You can say that at game 15, but we have enough evidence that, analytics and numbers be damned, they don’t have the goods to get back in the race.

      Tyler Yaremchuk: I don’t see it either, and last night, they didn’t even touch the puck in overtime before the New York Islanders defeated them in overtime. A disappointing loss for them, and one of many, as of late.

      You can watch the full segment and the rest of the episode here…

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