The Hughes Brothers’ NHL dominance is just getting started

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      The National Hockey League has seen its fair share of talented brothers face off against one another, but rarely have a trio of brothers taken the league by storm.

      Jack, Luke and Quinn Hughes — all top-10 picks in their respective NHL drafts, have seamlessly blended into the league, dominating at their positions and becoming major contributors to their respective lineups.

      Jack and Luke are flying with the New Jersey Devils to British Columbia to take on brother Quinn and the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night. It’s just the ninth time in NHL history that three brothers will play each other in the same game, the most recent being when Eric, Marc and Jordan Staal faced off last April in a game between the Florida Panthers and the Carolina Hurricanes.

      On Tuesday’s episode of Daily Faceoff LIVE, Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk discuss the matchup between the Canucks and the Devils, and how dominant the Hughes brothers can be in the NHL.

      Tyler Yaremchuk: There’s one game on the NHL schedule that’s catching everyone’s attention. No it’s not Tuesday — it’s Hugheseday! — as all three Hughes brothers, Quinn, Jack and Luke, will go head-to-head-to-head.

      They’re all having incredible seasons. You’ve got a Calder Trophy contender, a Norris Trophy contender and a Hart Trophy contender. It’s pretty remarkable what they’re doing.

      Frank Seravalli: This is also the future face of Team U.S.A. in the Olympics, is it not? The reason why it deserves our attention is not just because it’s three brothers, but they’re really just starting to scratch the surface of the peak of their powers.

      If you look at the Hughes brothers, they’re just teeing off. The assault that Quinn has put on the rest of the league from the Canucks’ blue line; Jack missing some time with injury, but he started the league outpacing the rest of the league in scoring. You’re talking about one family dominating the league’s trophy races.

      You can watch the rest of the show here…

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