The DFO Rundown Ep. 277 – The Reaction to Rielly vs Greig

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      Frank and Jason are back with a new episode of The DFO Rundown. They started the pod off by talking about their Super Bowl Sundays, which included some nice wins by both guys. They also talked about their go-to Super Bowl spreads. They eventually did get into the hockey talk as they broke down the Morgan Rielly cross-check on Ridley Greig. There has been a lot of over reactions on both sides of this debate and the two gave their thoughts on each fan base’s reactions.

      From there, they did some trade talk. Will the Flames change their minds about becoming sellers? Is Yzerman facing pressure to add to a red-hot Detroit team? The Kings also played their first game under new Head Coach Jim Hiller and came away with a big victory. What could they look to do at the deadline?

      Tyler swung by with ‘Fill in the Blank’ where he asked the guys about which teams are most likely to trade their first-round picks and who they like to win the East and West in the regular season.

      9:20 – Rielly vs Greig

      19:10 – Red Wings heater

      25:05 – Kings under new coach

      29:10 – The race for the 8th seed

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