The DFO Rundown Ep. 257 – The Corey Perry Situation & Team’s on Heaters

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      On today’s edition of The DFO Rundown, Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli went around the league and hit on all the big headlines from the weekend. 

      Nothing was bigger than the news that Corey Perry will be away from the Chicago Blackhawks. With no solid info on the situation, there has been a lot of speculation about what’s happening. Frank gave us an update and talked about why the Hawks are being extra cautious.

      That led to some talk about Connor Bedard’s recent play and other weekend stories.

      The Minnesota Wild are still sputtering along and now sit below the Edmonton Oilers in the Western Conference playoff picture. Will the Wild make a coaching change? Frank doesn’t think so.

      Gregor talked about how incredibly average the West is looking right now and how easy it might be for one of Edmonton or Minnesota to sneak back into a playoff spot.

      Another team looking to stay in the hunt is the Calgary Flames. If the Flames stay close to a playoff spot, should GM Craig Conroy hold onto some of his players on expiring contracts? Frank and Jason debated that.

      That also brought the guys to talk about the market for defensemen around the league and who’s interested in adding a blueliner. Frank also gave an update on the Patrick Kane sweepstakes.

      Tyler then popped in for a new edition of Buy or Sell and the guys gave out their Crown Royal Generous Guy’s of the week.

      1:55 – The latest with Perry

      6:30 – The Struggling Wild & the West

      22:30 – Can the Flames compete?

      25:30 – The market for defensemen

      34:00 – Patrick Kane update

      36:00 – Crown Royal Generous Guy

      48:30 – Red Wings hot streak

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