The DFO Rundown Ep. 256 – Nylander Shines in Sweden & The Flyers Stay Hot

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      We are creeping closer and closer to American Thanksgiving, which, of course, is an important benchmark in the NHL when it comes to teams and their playoff chances. With that date looming, Frank and Jason talked about a few teams that have been surprised to this point in the season and whether or not they have legit playoff chances.

      Before that, though, they recapped Frank’s trip to Sweden and talked about the NHL’s Global Series results. The stars shone brightly in Stockholm, and William Nylander and Tim Stutzle both had big moments for their teams. That led to some talk about Nylander’s future and how the Leafs can afford to keep him.

      From there, they talked about the Calgary Flames and their current state, gave out their Crown Royal Generous Guy of the Week, and Tyler swung by to play a little Fill in the Blank.

      1:10 – Sweden recap

      4:30 – Nylander and the Leafs

      11:55 – Flames trade assets

      15:50 – Flyers hot streak

      28:30 – Crown Royal Generous Guy

      33:20 – Weekly headlines

      35:10 – Fill in the Blank

      50:00 – Oilers playoff chances

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