The Arizona Coyotes have pulled off one of the most incredible runs in recent NHL history 

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      More often than not, discussion around the Arizona Coyotes revolves around their arena situation and what the future holds for the franchise that was formerly known as the Winnipeg Jets.

      But right now, the Coyotes are on a five-game winning streak. What makes this streak even more impressive is that each of the five wins was against each of the previous five Stanley Cup champions — the Vegas Golden Knights, the Colorado Avalanche, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the St. Louis Blues, and the Washington Capitals.

      The Yotes have climbed to fourth in the Western Conference’s Central Division with a 13-9-2 record, led by 2016 seventh-overall pick Clayton Keller and his eight goals and 16 assists for 24 points in 24 games.

      On Tuesday’s episode of Daily Faceoff LIVE, Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk discuss the Coyotes and their howling ways.

      Tyler Yaremchuk: It’s a five-game heater for the Yotes, where they have beaten the five most recent Stanley Cup champions, an insane blip in the schedule. Those aren’t past-their-prime teams heading towards a rebuild, they’re very good. The Coyotes are showing us something.

      Frank Seravalli: The Coyotes have been playing great, and I think they’ve arrived at this juncture where they’re more competitive this year. You’re starting to see what some predicted at the beginning of the year, that the Coyotes could be a playoff team. I still think they’ve got a lot of work to do to get to that point.

      The idea for this team to sign and acquire pieces this past summer was to try and compete and win more interest in their market. They wanted to try and turn the corner to get more attention paid in Arizona, and the way this team is playing and the teams they are beating, they should be doing that.

      You can watch the full segment and the rest of the episode here…

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