Pittsburgh Penguins playing the waiting game on Jake Guentzel

      Guentzel is averaging over a point per game this season.

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      One of the many players that might be on the move heading into the Trade Deadline includes one of the top producers in the Steel City.

      Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jake Guentzel is a prime fit to be a player in the trade market, especially since the Pens are a fringe playoff team. The 29-year-old has been having a great season, and is just a hair short of being on pace from a career year.

      Through 47 games, Guentzel has scored 22 goals and 28 assists. He is a little behind his rhythm from a couple of seasons ago, where the Omaha native notched 84 points in 76 games.

      He would be a perfect short-term buy for any contender, as Guentzel is in the final season of a five-year contract at a $6 million cap hit.

      The question is, will Kyle Dubas make Guentzel available? With the Penguins still on the edge of making the postseason, the former Toronto Maple Leafs GM might hold off on letting Guentzel go. Even if he would be at risk of walking for nothing, Guentzel would be a huge hole to fill if the Pens were to trade him, and sneak into the playoffs.

      On Thursday’s edition of Daily Faceoff LIVE, Frank Seravalli explains what the near future could hold of Guentzel.

      Frank Seravalli: The Penguins are one win away, in points percentage, of being in the playoffs. Their mission and mandate is to get in. They’re not going to make a decision on Guentzel unless they absolutely have to. Whether they’re that far out or they get down to the wire and be a few points out if that’s still the case, then they’re going to have a real choice to make. For right now, Jake Guentzel, not available.

      You can watch the full Ice Breakers segment, and the entire episode here…

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