Philadelphia Flyers’ Scott Laughton could be a hot trade commodity for the right price

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      Scott Laughton ranks No. 5 on Frank Seravalli’s trade targets board ahead of the trade deadline. On today’s Ice Breakers, Frank Seravalli weighs in on the Philadelphia Flyers centerman.

      Tyler Yaremchuk: One guy who has climbed into the top five is Scott Laughton of the Philadelphia Flyers. A guy who can do a lot of things contenders like and does come with term. So Frank, how serious is the interest and how serious is Philly about moving on from him? 

      Frank Seravalli: I think it’s pretty serious, and if the Flyers get a price that they feel comfortable with, as much as they are totally fine keeping him, you could certainly see Laughton moving on. You look at his ice time this year; it’s down compared to last season. He won’t be one of those guys putting up 50+ points every year and he’s not going to put together a season like Sean Monahan is right now. But because of the term and the deal the Flyers just saw the Canadiens get with Monahan, I think the Flyers thoughts are “If we can get a first-round pick for him that will probably be the trigger point.”

      As good as Laughton is, there’s room for other players to get some ice time, and beyond that, you see certain games where it dwindles, and then you wonder if Laughton is there for the long haul and continue to be as big of a piece as he has been. There was a lot of interest in Laughton three years ago at the 2021 deadline, and it came right down to the wire, and the Flyers ended up extending him on a five-year deal, which he has two remaining. So if you consider that, Monahan for a first for eight to 10 weeks of service of Laughton for a first for this year and an additional year of service at a relatively suitable $3 million cap hit.

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