NHL & NHLPA reach trial agreement to expand limits of on-ice training in summer

      The Vancouver Canucks were fined $50,000 in May for hosting on-ice sessions with Daniel and Henrik Sedin before the amendment was made.

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      NHL players are going to have a few more opportunities to work with their team’s staff during the offseason.

      According to Elliotte Friedman, the NHL and NHLPA are running a “trial agreement” to allow players and coaching staff to work on skills this summer, although only to a certain extent.

      NHL players will be allowed to work with one skills coach in an on-ice session to develop certain aspects of their game. The player must request the session through the NHLPA in order for it to occur.

      It allows players to work on specific skills to develop them, like their shot or their skating. Players working with head coaches or assistant coaches to learn strategies and systems, especially new players acquired in the offseason, does not appear to be on the table for these kind of sessions.

      Per the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement, in section 15.11 (b), it says that “Clubs are not permitted to have Club Coaching or Hockey Operations personnel (e.g., coaches, skating instructors, other Club employees, contracted service providers, etc.) participate in any on-ice sessions with Players.”

      This trial agreement amends that section of the CBA, although at this moment it will only be for this summer. There’s no word on what the future of this agreement will be, but it’s likely that if it goes well, there will be an altercation to the ruling in the CBA, and if teams don’t like it, the ruling will go back to the way it has been prior to this amendment.

      The Vancouver Canucks were fined $50,000 in May for hosting on-ice training session with Henrik and Daniel Sedin. Once superstar players with the Canucks, the Sedin twins work in player development roles for the organization. They were working with Canucks’ centers Dakota Joshua and Jack Studnicka, which was a violation of the CBA at the time. According to Friedman, the Canucks will not be rescinded for the fine with the amendment now in place, and it also still technically breaks the rules since they had multiple skills coaches for the session.

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