Keeper League Mailbag

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      I’ve got Bobrovsky and Georgiev, I can only keep 1. Georgiev was no doubt my keeper before the playoffs started, but since Bobrovsky has turned back into Bobrovsky, I’m not so sure it’s an easy choice.

      Don’t overthink this. The correct decision is keeping Georgiev.

      I understand where your head’s at, but there’s no way Bobrovsky keeps this level of play up next season. On top of that, I expect Spencer Knight – assuming he returns – to push for playing time, so it’s important to look at that aspect, too.

      With a full year as a No. 1 under his belt, I think a full-blown Georgiev breakout could be coming as well. Colorado’s still really really good.

      Need to keep a rookie and I have 3. Luke Hughes, Beniers and Skinner. Points only, 2 for a win 5 total for shutouts

      Give me Stuart Skinner.

      I know he’s coming off a tough finish to his season, but there’s no question – at least in my world – who the No. 1 for Edmonton is moving forward. And Skinner’s earned it; he was fantastic in the regular season. Looking ahead to 2023-24, I think Edmonton will continue to be an elite team, which is good news for Skinner owners. Also, it would be nice to see Jack Campbell push him a bit too.

      How good is Askarov?

      Personally, I think he’s the real deal. That said, I think the Predators will be very patient with his development. At this point, there’s no reason to rush him. For my money, Juuse Saros is a top-3 goalie in the NHL right now. He’s going to play a lot. And he should play a lot. Furthermore, Askarov’s just 20 years old and he’s made just 61 appearances in North America. Patience is a virtue. Just look at how Nashville handled Saros’ development.

      Keep 1 of ; Jarry Kuepmer Talbot

      As things situate right now, I would go with Kuemper.

      I know a lot of people are down on Washington, but as long as they have Alex Ovechkin and John Carlson, among others, it would be foolish to completely count them out. Additionally, there’s no question they’ll expedite this retooling period to give Ovechkin a shot at winning another Stanley Cup.

      Furthermore, I’m not crazy about either Jarry or Talbot entering next season. Both will be free agents on July 1st and it will be fascinating to see where they end up. Let’s revisit this scenario down the road.

      Who do you keep: Ullmark, Bob, Swayman or Knight?

      It has to be Ullmark, right? I mean, he’s about to win the Vezina Trophy. Honestly, that’s all the logic and reasoning you need to make this difficult decision. There’s no doubt Swayman and Knight have bright futures, but how do you deviate from the best goalie in the NHL statistically in 2022-23? Yup, that would be a tough one for me. Of course, we’ll see how the offseason plays out. Anything can happen.

      I have first pick next year is it no Brainer Bedard?

      Depending on your league settings of course, yeah, I think that’s a no brainer decision. There’s a reason this kid has been hyped for as long as he has. From a fantasy perspective, I’m not crazy about the fit in Chicago, but Bedard is so good that that might not even matter. On top of that, I would anticipate the Hawks adding a couple pieces around him this summer. Easy decision; go with Bedard.

      Pick two of the following: J. Hughes, J. Robertson, Kucherov, Heiskenen

      Wow, talk about tough decisions.

      Firstly, I’ll tell you that regardless of which two you pick, it’s unlikely you’ll be left disappointed. Having said that, I would go with Robertson and Kucherov. And that’s no slight on Hughes, who I think is definitely in the same ballpark when it comes to pre-season rankings.  All three forwards are category coverage monsters, so it really is comparing apples to apples. Do your thing.

      Nugent Hopkins or J.T. Miller in keeper league

      While it’s tough to overlook what Nugent-Hopkins brought to the table this season, I would side with Miller. He had the classic letdown season after signing a fat new ticket. Additionally, I like the way he finished up under new coach Rick Tocchet tallying 14 goals and 41 points over his final 35 outings. Personally, I think Miller flirts with the 100-point plateau again next season. Also, for what it’s worth, I think it’s fair to expect some regression from Nugent-Hopkins.

      Sieder or Dobson next year? Pts only league

      It’s close but I’ll go with Seider. Both are fantastic talents; I just think Detroit has a better offence. It would be nice to see the Islanders beef up this summer, but we all know the likelihood of that actually coming to fruition.

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