Jake Allen could be an interesting bounce-back pickup at the NHL Trade deadline

      Frank Seravalli talked about the growing market for Allen at the trade deadline on Daily Faceoff Live.

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      Adding a goaltender at the trade deadline is always risky business, as getting acclimated to a new system with a new team is much more important for them than a forward or defenseman. It’s part of the reason why teams rarely make the move for one at the deadline, but this season, it’s also due to the lack of options.

      With Marc-Andre Fleury indicating that he wants to stay in Minnesota, the Nashville Predators telling teams that Juuse Saros isn’t available while they’re in the playoff race and the Calgary Flames in no rush to move Jacob Markstrom for a lesser offer, that doesn’t leave too many options.

      That makes a goalie like Jake Allen much more intriguing for teams still looking to improve between the crease. While he hasn’t been his usual self this season, a change of scenery may do the trick, and he’ll come at a much more affordable price both in terms of the return and the cap hit should the Montreal Canadiens retain some salary. And he comes with an extra year on his contract.

      Frank Seravalli talked about the growing market for Allen at the trade deadline on Daily Faceoff Live.

      Frank Seravalli: I would say with regards to Allen that if there is a goalie to move between now and next Friday, the best bet would be him. I think the Habs are motivated to do that. I think they’re motivated to clean up their crease a little bit after carrying three goalies all season. They’ve got one retained salary transaction slot left available, and Allen could be that guy, and the Intriguing part about Allen is that you could knock him down to half the price at $1.9 million this year and next.

      I know people are down on Allen’s game, but I’m not. In his first 353 games played in the NHL, he had a .911% save percentage. I think he’s been playing with a tough team in front of him and I think perhaps he’s one of those guys that could maybe use a change of scenery. I see no reason why he can’t bounce back.

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