How the Vancouver Canucks can create cap space this summer

      The Canucks may need to move on from a Conor Garland or Brock Boeser to make their salary cap situation work next season.

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      It seems like every summer, the Vancouver Canucks find themselves in a tough situation with the salary cap. Usually that’s self-inflicted, and sometimes they find ways to kick the can down the road, and get rid of more cap space in the present for a problem that will present itself in a few seasons.

      The Canucks do have several options to try to make it all work. A buyout is the one that they have full control over making it happen, but they could also try to attach some assets to move a bad contract to another team, or perhaps even make a big trade involving a player like J.T. Miller.

      Satiar Shah joined Tyler Yaremchuk and Frank Seravalli on Daily Faceoff Live to discuss the Canucks cap situation, and what might be the most likely solution to their problem.

      Satiar Shah: I think it’s obvious it’s going to be a trade. They’re not going to be buying anybody out, especially not a big contract. It doesn’t look like it right now unless something significantly changes over the next little while.

      So I’d say it’s going to be a trade, but what I find fascinating, and we’ve been talking about this at length every single week on our station, I know you talk about it on the DFOcast. I understand your skepticism, how are they going to make the deals they want to make, and I wonder if the goal of trying to move cap space might be the one they don’t do.

      So, do we see some more trades, and I know that we threw this by you the other week, but do they trade maybe a Conor Garland or a Brock Boeser for a third-line center or a third-pair defenseman type of deal. That type of a move might be more realistic unless somehow someway some team sees some value in a player like Conor Garland.

      But given the winger market, and given what we’re seeing around the league with a flat cap world, it seems like the price for the Canucks to move off salary’s going to be onerous, so I wonder if their goal to clear cap space is going to become more of a goal of trying to make trades that find players that fit spots instead of clearing the money.

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