Garnet Hathaway didn’t deserve a match penalty for hit on Luke Hughes

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      Tyler Yaremchuk: The hits keep coming for the New Jersey Devils. But Luke Hughes got run pretty hard in last night’s game against Philly and ended up leaving. Is there an update on him?

      Frank Seravalli: Well considering he scored the overtime winner I’d say there’s no update needed. I wanted to talk about this because Garnet Hathaway was given a match penalty and game misconduct for this hit which there was nothing wrong with. You saw Jack Hughes chirping on the bench to the officials “Do you bleeping job” and I love the brotherly support but because his younger brother decided to let up because he thought an icing was going to get called, this is the NHL and you have to be prepared.

      Frank Seravalli: Hathaway for whatever reason, they reviewed it and it still came out being a game misconduct. I don’t understand it, this is a botched job by the officials and it’s clean as a whistle. Side hits are fine, the thing is, Luke Hughes thought it was going to be icing so he slowed down and stopped playing and wasn’t expecting the hit and got jacked up. That’s not a reason to make this a match penalty and game misconduct. Like I said, it’s as clean as it possibly could be. There’s nothing wrong with the hit, there never should’ve been a two-minute penalty, let alone anything more than that. Jack Hughes chirping at the officials was totally offside and wrong saying to do their job.

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