Fantasy Hockey: Weekly Strength of Schedule and Streaming Targets — Week 20

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      Identifying the players with four games each week and filling your roster with those players can increase your chances of winning your fantasy hockey matchup. That’s why our Weekly Schedule tool is so helpful!

      I took that weekly schedule and combined it with a Team Defense Score I created using key defensive metrics to find which teams/skaters have the best schedule this week.

      How it Works:

      • Team Defensive Ratings are given on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being the best possible defensive team and 100 being the worst. For context, CBJ currently grades as the worst defensively, with a rating of 92.16. Carolina is the best, with a rating of 12.46.
      • SCORE: The sum of all of the Defensive Ratings that the team will face this week.
      • AVG Opponent: The Average Defensive Ratings that the team will face this week.
      • Strength of Schedule is determined by the sum of defensive ratings, because we want players that play the most games but also have the easiest matchups.
      • Light Nights: A night in the NHL with eight or fewer games.

      Week 20 – Strength of Schedule

      Week 20 Opponent Ratings

      Team Ratings are based solely on defensive metrics and goaltending quality in order to identify the best matchups for skaters. They are in no way a reflection of overall team quality. The lower the rating, the better the team is defensively = worse skater matchup.

      Week 20 Streaming Targets

      Ottawa Senators

      The Senators have the best schedule this week, including two games on ‘Light Nights.’ Their offence has been solid as of late as well, averaging 3.5 goals per game over their last 10 games. They also have a bunch of different streaming targets to choose from.

      Streaming Targets:

      • Vladimir Tarasenko (LW/RW) – 48% Rostered
      • Josh Norris (C) – 26% Rostered
      • Shane Pinto (C) – 18% Rostered
      • Mathieu Joseph (RW) – 5% Rostered

      Arizona Coyotes

      The Coyotes have the third-best schedule this week; however, all four games are on the road. The Coyotes have scored 0.25 fewer goals per game on the road, ranking 26th in the NHL in Road GF/60 (2.72).

      Streaming Targets:

      • Nick Schmaltz (C/RW) – 18% Rostered
      • Logan Cooley (C) – 14% Rostered
      • Matias Maccelli (LW) – 6% Rostered
      • Dylan Guenther (LW) – 3% Rostered

      Dallas Stars

      Dallas have an excellent schedule this week but they don’t have many Streaming options and only have one ‘Light Night’ game, so you’ll have to plan ahead to make sure they fit into your lineup.

      Streaming Targets:

      • Tyler Seguin (C/RW) – 56% Rostered
      • Mason Marchment (LW) – 55% Rostered
      • Wyatt Johnston (C/RW) – 40% Rostered

      Washington Capitals

      The Capitals are just one of two teams this week with three ‘Light Night’ games, making them the easiest to fit into your lineup this week. Washington’s offence has also been strong over the last month, averaging 3.2 goals per game in their last 12 contests.

      Streaming Targets:

      • Tom Wilson (RW) – 45% Rostered
      • Dylan Strome (C) – 36% Rostered
      • Max Pacioretty (LW) – 10% Rostered
      • Connor McMichael (C) – 3% Rostered

      Los Angeles Kings

      The Kings have the ninth-best schedule with four games and two ‘Light Nights.’ The Kings’ offence is spread out across three lines, which means they have plenty of streaming targets available.

      Streaming Targets:

      • Trevor Moore (LW/RW) – 56% Rostered
      • Quinton Byfield (C/LW) – 46% Rostered
      • Pierre-Luc Dubois (C/LW) – 43% Rostered
      • Phillip Danault (C) – 20% Rostered
      • Alex Laferriere (RW) – 0% Rostered

      Edmonton Oilers

      The Oilers are the second team with three ‘Light Night’ games, but their offence is so concentrated to their top players, so they don’t have many streaming options.

      Streaming Targets:

      • Warren Foegele (LW/RW) – 12% Rostered
      • Corey Perry (RW) – 10% Rostered
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