Can the Florida Panthers stick with Bobrovsky after Game 2 shellacking?

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      Florida Panthers’ goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky’s Conn Smythe-level play has regressed in a big way through two games of the Stanley Cup Final. ‘Bob’ has shipped 4 goals in each of his two starts and got the hook in Game 2 as the Vegas Golden Knights rolled his team 7-2. On Tuesday’s edition of Daily Faceoff Live, hosts Tyler Yaremchuk and Mike McKenna debated whether Florida will make a change in net for Game 3.

      Tyler Yaremchuk: I want to get your thoughts on who Florida has between the pipes. Sergei Bobrovksy was obviously pulled. That always brings up the question of whether the Panthers will make a change in net heading into Game 3 at home. Alex Lyon started the first handful of games in this playoff run: would you make a goalie change if you were Paul Maurice. 

      Mike McKenna: No, I think you go right back to Bob. A little bit of help in front of him, a little more patience from Bobrovsky on his edges, and he should be able to bounce back.

      When you look at Hill’s play, and he’s been awesome, you do have to look at the offenses of these two teams and why they’re scoring. When you look at the shot charts from last night, over half of Vegas’s attempts were up high; their goals come in the top half of the net. When you take a look at where the Florida Panthers are chucking pucks, Adin Hill is not going to have a tough night when the great majority of those shots are at those big 6 ‘4 legs of his.

      Vegas attempts…
      vs. Florida’s

      It doesn’t matter if it’s from the slot, it doesn’t matter if it’s a rebound chance; if you don’t put it in the air on that guy you’re in deep trouble. Even the big glove saves he made were on mid-level shots. Hill’s been rock solid, but Cassidy’s system and the Florida Panthers’ inability to bear down and make the most of their chances.

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