Brock Faber is the frontrunner for the 2024 Calder Trophy

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      It’s a battle between just two players, Minnesota Wild defenseman Brock Faber and Chicago Blackhawks phenom Connor Bedard, but who wins the Calder Trophy as the NHL’s most dominant rookie? Today on Daily Faceoff Live, Frank Seravalli and Colby Cohen discuss the fiery debate and why Faber is currently the frontrunner to take home the hardware.

      Frank Seravalli: Let’s talk about some other hardware and that’s the Calder Trophy. Brock Faber and his contribution to this Minnesota wild team has been nothing short of exceptional. He’s playing 26:00 minutes a night, putting up impressive point totals and production and taking on the share of work from Jared Spurgeon. Not only has this trade been an absolute home run for Bull Guerin and the Wild when they moved Kevin Fiala for him a few years back. But where does he rank in the Calder Trophy debate right now? Do you have him ahead of Connor Bedard?

      Colby Cohen: I do. I have him ahead of Bedard. Right now as it sits, Bedard was injured for a bit and we already have seen that in his first three games back he has six points. But he’s playing on the league’s worst team and is certainly carrying that franchise like no other 18-year-old has been tasked to do. I got to tell you something, 25:05 a night, playing against the team’s top players and playing meaningful games trying to make the playoffs, Faber has 33 points as well. I thought Brock Faber would step into the NHL and be a really nice solid two-way defenseman right off the bat. I did not think he could dominate from the position, control games and put up this type of offense.

      Colby Cohen: He’s become a true No. 1 defenseman as a rookie in the NHL, which is unheard of at his age and position. So yes, if I had a ballot right now it would be Faber at 1 and Bedard at 2.  Player for player right now, who has been more impactful? It’s Brock Faber.

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